Neutral colors such as black, grey, beige or tan are staple winter colors for men. But this Fall/Winter -2016/2017 collections there are two colors that stood out from among the sea of neutrals, red and mustard. These winter colors for men are really for the fashion-forward men who are not afraid to stick out and be conspicuous.

The bright splash of red and mustard in almost any outfit from the collections of big names in fashion such as Louis Vuitton, Kenso, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and many others is a welcome and hot development.



Red was so prominent in this year’s winter collections that it almost became an essential. Several designers even came up with hot red suits. Fully saturated red ranging from tomato blood red to ruby red as well as deep rose and low-key burgundy were everywhere.
Even designers known for their preference for monochrome such as J. Crew, Maison Martin Margiela, Kenzo and others made available outfits in red, usually in a layered ensemble or paired with denims or khakis.
A fantastic way to rock a red color trend this winter is in a blistering red coat. It is a style that is only for the bold and daring, a real attention-grabber that will surely make an impression.



Even as red was the first choice in winter colors for men for Fall/Winter-2011/2012, mustard came as a close second. The mustards seen on the runway was a bit sneaky and crafty. It went from bright mustard yellow to sweet honey mustard, gold honey mustard, a mix of rust and yellow to the brown –toned mustard. To easily incorporate mustard in your wardrobe without too much fuss, start with a vest, cardigan, shirt or sweater. For an audacious and self-assured guy, mustard pants paired with some neutrals will be the perfect fashion statement. Designers matched a pair of mustard pants with black, but it will look as great with grey.

The crowning glory of this winter color for men is outerwear; long overcoat, mid-length slicker or blazer. It is such a welcome departure from the usual brown and black.

So, if you really want to be more fashionable and stylish, why don’t you add new colors to your wardrobe? Do not be afraid of trying new styles and colors… who knows may be you will find your new look. We hope this article will help you diversify your wardrobe. Good luck!